Steps, Benefits & Stages of Khechari Mudra

The Khechari Mudra, also known as the Kechari Mudra, is not easy to master and takes years of practice before you can go about doing it by yourself. However, when you have mastered this yoga kriya, you will be able to get into the fourth state of consciousness or Samadhi, experience super-normal powers, and perceive reality like no other human being can. The Khechari Mudra has been practiced by only the most adept Yogis in India since time immemorial.

What is Khechari Mudra?

The Sanskrit name for khechari mudra, which translates to taking possession of an island, makes it an excellent pose for maximizing one’s life energy.

The popular hatha yoga pose can also be known as skull shining or energetic brainwashing because it is often practiced by more advanced yogis. Basically, it promotes sharper memories and heightened cognitive abilities. In addition, it’s linked to having a more acute sense of sight and smell, as well as a more refined intuition.

Khechari mudra can be intimidating to inexperienced people, so consult with a teacher before doing it on your own. They will show you how to do it each step of the way until you get used to it. Consequently, you will have the chance to experience its many benefits!

Kechari Mudra Powers

Khecahri is an ancient mudra (hand gesture) that activates certain glands in your brain and body. It increases glandular secretions and opens up higher neural pathways. This mudra is also a powerful key to access hidden potential in your brain and nervous system as well as accelerating spiritual development.

It can stimulate dormant faculties, correct imbalances in glandular secretions and help you discover new powers deep within yourself that were previously inaccessible to you. The name Khecahri translates to remover of consciousness, giving it enormous potential for those on a spiritual path.

How to do Khechari Mudra?

Before you can perform khechari mudra meditation successfully, you have to keep in mind several important factors. When you learn khechari mudra, ensure that your techniques and methods are authentic and properly learnt from an expert.

Allowing for a deep relaxation is critical for any successful meditation practice. Make sure that you do not exert any effort during practice as it will take your energy away from achieving inner focus.

Finally, make sure that your body is comfortable and supported when performing khechari mudra . If none of these conditions are met then achieving inner focus will be almost impossible during practice


Place your tongue behind your upper front teeth. Tilt it backwards and upwards. Apply gentle pressure and you should feel your tongue being pulled upwards and backwards by an imaginary thread. Stay in that position for 15-20 minutes as often as possible. For best results do Khechari Mudra at least 3 times a day—preferably morning, noon and night on an empty stomach; with just a cup of warm water or tea).

Khechari Mudra: Stage 1 Soft Palate to Uvula

Place your tongue on the soft part at the back of your mouth, and use your tongue’s tip to pull your uvula back upwards. Start by taking a deep breath through both nostrils and inhaling to your lungs’ capacity. Hold for a few seconds, then exhale with equal breath to where you started. Do not inhale for four to five seconds. Slowly exhale, holding for four to five seconds before breathing in again. Repeat 10-12 times. You might need to lessen the breath hold from 12 to 8 or some other number if it feels too difficult.

Khechari Mudra: Stage 2 Passing The Uvula

If you are having a difficult time getting your uvula through your nostril, rest assured that you are not alone. This is by far one of most difficult parts of performing Khechari mudra. Some people even need to use a small mirror to help them guide their uvula past their nasal cavity and into their throat.

At first it may seem like you’re making no progress at all; however once you can slip half or more of your uvula through your nostril, things will begin to get easier. Eventually with persistence and practice most people will be able to get their entire uvula into their throats.

The first time I successfully performed khechari mudra was an absolute milestone for me! It was very exciting and an unforgettable experience!

Khechari Mudra: Stage 3 Slipping Into The Nasopharynx

Once the tongue gets to the back of the uvula, now its turn to search for a place back there from where the tongue didn’t come to its previous position. The part will come easily, the tongue will begin to slip.

But at this point there will be a strong desire to release the tongue.Take a few deep breaths, watch what’s happening inside your mouth. All one needs to do is work through the initial urge and observe the current situation.

In time, your tongue will make its way through the oropharynx into the nasopharynx, behind the soft palate. You can tell you’re getting close when your tongue will feel as though it’

Khechari Mudra Stage 4 – Pressing Pituitary to Secrete Nectar

In Step 4 of khechari mudra (nectar meditation), you will press your pituitary gland to make it secrete nectar. This is done by holding your breath and pressing firmly with two fingers on a spot behind your soft palate where you feel an indentation.

The pituitary gland is responsible for all glandular secretion in your body and thus, practicing khechari mudra can help all parts of your body function optimally.

It also cures insomnia and helps get rid of stress and depression. If a person’s eyes are naturally closed during khechari mudra practice then they will develop their sixth sense.

Benefits Of Khechari Mudra

Khechari mudra is a mind-body technique that can help many people. The healing effects can be observed as a result of improved circulation and digestion, eliminating disease and achieving higher levels of consciousness.

However its main benefit lies in its ability to balance our chakras by stimulating them from within to their full potential. There are several stages one goes through when performing Khechari Mudra and many more benefits than are listed here but we’ll go over some key ones to give you an idea.

Khechari Mudra stimulates our endocrine system by balancing hormones in both men and women which greatly enhances sexual pleasure during intercourse. It also controls hypertension or high blood pressure, eliminates dizziness or giddiness, controls migraines/headaches and increases male sperm count for greater fertility results. In short it’s well known for enhancing sex life!

You don’t have to stop there however since with continued practice you’ll see such improvements like vision improvement (increased visual acuity), preventing hair loss (reversing graying) and attaining whiter teeth due to increased saliva production with better oral health along with weight loss from increased metabolism!


Since khechar mudra is quite intense and should not be performed if there are any serious disorders affecting your nervous system. In that case it is advisable to perform Shambhavi Mahamudra instead.

Should you experience any pain while performing khechar mudra then avoid doing it further and consult a yoga expert or a medical doctor if needed. As with all pranayama practices including Kapalabhati and Bhastrika, proper precautions should be taken in cases of high blood pressure, heart problems or other similar health conditions.

If your body responds adversely then try to reduce the intensity by reducing forcefulness of exhalation or simply stop practising for some time until your body adapts itself to pranayama techniques again.


Through my personal experience with practicing Khechari mudra I have gained numerous health benefits. In addition to feeling more alive and energetic than ever before, I no longer suffer from acid reflux. My sleep has improved and my breathing has become much deeper. Additionally, my mental focus and concentration have increased dramatically. Overall, it is a powerful technique for improving your physical and mental health that anyone can learn regardless of their religious or spiritual affiliations or beliefs . While still in its infancy in terms of research and modern day implementation , even Western doctors are seeing tremendous potential in khechari mudra.


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