How to do Gyan Mudra? Know what are its Benefits

Gyan mudra (Chin) is the most popular word in yoga. Gyan Mudra is also called chin Mudra. It is the most prevalent as well as extremely easy. Chin Mudra is made up of two words Chin and Mudra, in which Chin or Chit means consciousness and Mudra is a gesture.

It is a pose that is beneficial for physical and mental health. Gyan (Chin) posture calms the soul and helps to stimulate the air elements in the body.Therefore, doing this benefits both our mind and body. Know how to do the Gyan Mudra and what are its benefits.

What is Gyan Mudra?

Gyan in Sanskrit means intelligence. It is also called the Mudra of knowledge. This mudra is used in all meditative postures.

Practicing it regularly increases intelligence. When we do yoga in the Gyan mudra, our intelligence increases.

Therefore meditation is extremely important to try and do this yoga. Our thumb is the symbol of the fire element and the index finger is the symbol of air element.

According to astrology, our thumb is that the symbol of Mars, and therefore the index is that the symbol of Jupiter.

When these two elements combine, there’s a rise within the air element because of which the effect of Jupiter increases.

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There is also a piece of writing within the Gita during which Lord Krishna preached the Gita to Arjuna, which was within the Gita itself.

Many Gods like Lord Shiva, Goddess Sarasvati, Lord Buddha, religious leader, etc. are shown in Gyan Mudra within the statues and pictures.

How to do Gyan Mudra?

Gyan (Chin) Mudra is extremely easy to do. But for this you should know about its correct posture and hand posture etc.


  • For this posture, cross your legs and sit in a comfortable position. In this, you can also do Ardha Padmasana or Lotus pose to sit in the position of the owners.
  • During this time, your spine and neck should be straight. Your shoulders should be back and sew forward. This posture will give good energy to your body.

Position of the hand in Gyan Mudra

  • After sitting in this pose, bring your hands near your knees. During this time palm should be upwards.
  • Now add your Thumb and index finger together. Let the other three limbs open, that is to spread.
  • Your hand should be in a comfortable position and your thumb and index finger should be attached to each other. In this, the tip of your finger should meet the tip of your index finger, but do not pressurize it.
  • Now close your eyes or you can also keep them open a little bit.
  • While doing this mudra your breath should be normal.
  • Now concentrate. Your focus should be on the breath and hands.

Benefits of Gyan Mudra

  • By doing knowledge posture, intelligence is developed and concentration also increases. This mudra improves memory and mental state.
  • It is seen that we use only 10 percent of our brain. But its full powers can be used by knowledge posture. This mudra brings knowledge fibers functionally which is effective in increasing brainpower.
  • This mudra develops the intelligence power of children with low intelligence rapidly and also improves memory power with intensity.
  • Gyan Mudra is beneficial in such diseases as anger, irritability, restlessness. This mudra acts as a sedative.
  • By practicing this mudra for three times, there is benefit in stress reduction, high blood pressure, headache, sugar, etc. diseases.
  • Constant and regular practice of this mudra has effects on the nervous system which is good for the coordination of the body and brain, which removes negative thoughts and misconceptions in the mind(1).
  • This pose is beneficial in the effects of migraines. By doing this mudra three times a day, problems like migraines and headaches go away.

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  • This posture is very important for the development of a knowledge system. The continuous and regular practice of Jnana Mudra enhances the human knowledge system.

Some Other Benefits of Gyan Mudra

  • This posture is very important for the development of the sixth sense. It provides the ability to know what is on the mind of others, that is, the ability to know what is on the mind of others.
  • Heart disease, skin disease, facial stains, freckles, etc. are helpful in removing problems. It is also helpful in beautifying women, relieving stress, and strengthening digestive fibers.
  • This posture is beneficial in everything from strengthening the Nervous System to ridding bad habits. The practice of Gyan Mudra brings peace and happiness and creates a healthy body.
  • This mudra enhances disease resistance power and is also good for the bad habits of addiction, enhancement of intelligence and memory, increase in self-confidence and brain health.

The Right Time to Do

You can do this mudra from 15 minutes to a maximum of 45 minutes. This mudra can be done at any time. Whether you can do it at any time on the go, sleeping, awake, waking up, and sitting. But it is more beneficial in the morning and evening.

If you do this mudra all three times, then it will prove more beneficial for you. Because the more this mudra is practiced, the more it gets its benefits.

Precaution For Gyan Mudra

  • Keep the stomach empty while doing any type of yoga asana or pranayama. Whether it is Gyan Mudra or any posture.
  • Do not eat immediately after doing Yogasana or Gyan Mudra.
  • If you feel any kind of pain and difficulties, leave the posture the same.
  • If you feel neck pain or pain in your hands while doing Gyan Mudra, do not do Mudra.


Gyan Mudra is a very easy and simple pose. There is no difficulty and pain in doing this mudra. Rather, it is a hand-held pose. Which is also known as Hastamudra.

Many physical and mental benefits can be derived from its continuous and regular practice, the only condition is that it should be done in the right way and with the right position.

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