Yoga Mudras » Ashwini Mudra: Secrets that You Will Want To Know.

Ashwini Mudra: Secrets that You Will Want To Know.

Ashwini Mudra is related to yoga.

Yoga is beneficial for our health no matter what happens.

For years, sage monks have been using many types of yogasanas, meditation, pranayama, postures and asanas to keep themselves healthy and healthy and recommend us to do so that we can keep ourselves healthy like them.

Yoga is beneficial for our health in every situation.

In simple language, Ashwini mudra means Ashwini means horse, to perform actions like a horse.

What is Ashwini Mudra?

The way a horse keeps opening and closing its anus, that is, the way it shrinks and leaves loose, its action is called Ashwini Mudra.

For this reason the horse is stronger than other animals.

The way the horse repeatedly squeezes and loosens its anus, the action of shrinking and spreading the anus is called Ashwini mudra.

This is a very easy Mudra.

In the further article, we will learn about Ashwini Mudra i.e. how to do this yoga and the benefits it can bring. Details of this mudra are also found in our texts.

How to do Ashwini Mudra Steps

There are 2 types of performing this yoga pose. There is no significant difference between the two. Some types of changes separate them among themselves.

Next we are going to tell you about them.

First Process:

To do this process one has to sit in the Kagasan state, which is to say in simple language the way you sit in the toilet.

Then you have to pull your anus and keep it in the same position for a while in the position of the base and then let it loose.

This condition should be done continuously for some time till you are doing it easily and then you should sit for some time before rest.

Second Process:

In this process, there are some changes from the first type of action

To do this method with Ashwini Mudra, you should keep your head facing east by laying a mat on the ground.

Now exhale the breath and stomach inside 3-5 times and shrink the anus 25 times and leave it loose.

After doing this, breathe in again and release outside and exclude the anus inside. Do this action according to your will.

Method of doing Ashwini Mudra

To do this mudra, you should sit on a floor or a plank with a mat or blanket, etc. Now you release the breath outward and exhale the stomach three to four times and after that stop the anus by shrinking the anus and then leave after three to four seconds.

Then take a breath and repeat the same action. You should do this action according to your power. Do not do this activity more than power. You can do this action 20 to 25 times at a time. Later you can do this action up to 100 times at a time.

Ashwini Mudra Benefits

  1. Continuing Ashwini mudra provides relief in diseases related to the anus such as piles, pain in the anus, etc.
  2. Continuous practice of this Mudra provides benefits in urinary system-related diseases like frequent urination, intermittent urination, urination, nightfall, falling of metal, premature ejaculation, etc. You can also take Ashwini Mudra as well as Chandraprabha Vati for the urinary disease.
  3. By doing this mudra, the immunity of a person increases. Biographical power increases and a person remains healthy.
  4. The practice of this mudra removes the problem of impotency.
  5. Continuing Ashwini mudra provides relief in constipation and problems of the digestive system.
  6. Ashwini mudra increases memory power.

Spiritual Benefits of Ashwini Mudra

Performing this mudra awakens Kundalini Shakti. It is believed that the incessant practice of Ashwini mudra awakens the Muladhara Kendra and the Kundalini Shakti rises upwards from the Muladhara Kendra. And this is the reason that this Mudra creates interest in the devotional hymns of the person.

Precautions while doing Ashwini Mudra.

If there is some kind of serious disease in your anus then you should do this mudra according to the advice of a knowledgeable yoga teacher.

Talking about this mudra, the Life Guru Surakshit that as Ashwa (horse) loosens his pudding repeatedly after inserting it, similarly the action of shrinking and spreading the pudding is called Ashwini mudra.

This posture is the secret of so much power and agility in a horse.

Therefore, the strength of the engine is measured by horsepower.

This is an anti-gravity practice.

This increases the energy running the body. All the organs get strength, the strength of the body increases, the impotence goes away and the manpower starts increasing.

This heart-strengthening action is very useful in hernia, urinary defects, anal diseases, piles, constipation, and female diseases.

Due to its practice, the Kundalini Shakti located in the Muladhara Chakra starts awakening and keeps us young for a long time.

When to do Ashwini Mudra and how long.

You can do this Mudra at any time of the day. But keep in mind that whenever you do this mudra, you do it on an empty stomach and do this posture only by laying a seat or posture on the ground and do not do this posture more than strength, otherwise there may be loss in place of profit.

Initially, do this posture 20 to 25 times at a time and do not shrink the anus for more than 3 to 6 seconds. You can do this mudra for up to 100 times after practice.

Final Words

Friends, in the end, we will only say that Ashwini mudra is such a yoga posture, by doing it continuously you will get a lot of energy and strength. It is believed that by continuously maintaining this mudra, a person gets horse-like strength. Therefore, do the Ashwini mudra yourself and inspire others to do it as well. Namaste.🙏

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