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Vayu Mudra Steps, Benefits, and precautions

Vayu means air. this yoga mudra takes care of the elements of air present in your body. Vayu mudra controls the elements of air in your body and helps them to keep going.

So that your body stays healthy for a long time. The air posture of the hand helps in taking care of all diseases and irregularities due to uncontrolled air in the body.

In this article, we have explained the Vayu Mudra Benefits and Vayu Mudra steps.

Also, in this article, information about the precautions to be taken while performing Vayu Mudra is also given. A video related to Vayu Mudra has been shared at the end of the article.

Vayu Mudra Benefits

  • Very beneficial in all rheumatic diseases. Practice this for 45 minutes consistently for a few back to back days.
  • More air dries up the fluid in the joints. When the air enters the knee joints, it hurts. For this, air exchange is beneficial in joint pain.
  • This posture is also beneficial in diseases of gas. At the point when gas increments in the stomach, there is distress in the wake of eating.
  • If you feel like vomiting, the problem of indigestion then uses this mudra.
  • Blood circulation is cured in this posture. Here it is necessary to inform you that due to lack of blood circulation, there is a pain in the body.
  • The part of the body where the blood is not supplied properly, there is pain at the expense, such as tremor of hands and feet, numbness of organs, paralysis. All these diseases can be cured without air medication.
  • Heartache is also a defect of blood circulation. Therefore, the pain of heart is also calmed by air posture, and heart disease is also cured.
  • In any accidental disease of the air, the benefit of using this mudra starts within 24 hours.
  • According to Ayurveda, there are 80 types of Vayu diseases, which are all cured with Vayu Mudra.
  • Pran Mudra should be used alongside Vayu Mudra in incurable and chronic air diseases. Prana Mudra increases life power – confidence and self-confidence increase.
  • Due to excess of air, the blood vessels of the heat shrink. Because of air-breathing, these veins are adaptable, their constriction is expelled, by which blood flow is restored and coronary illness is evacuated.
  • There is an advantage in the use of this currency in polio as well.
  • This mudra also helps in the blinking of eyes without reason.
  • This mudra benefits even when it stops belching.
  • By regular practice of this mudra, prana Vayu starts circulating in the Sushumna Nadi which leads to the awakening of the chakras.
  • By doing this, the mind gets concentrated by ending the restlessness of the mind.
  • Skin irritation and itching disappear.
  • If there is numbness in the hands, doing air exercises along with air posture will give miraculous benefits.
  • Sitting in Vajrasana, doing air posture gives quick benefit.
  • If disease occurs anywhere in the body, first of all, there is pain or numbness – in both of these air exchange is very beneficial. In this way, air trade has the ability to dispense with all illnesses toward the start.

How to do Vayu Mudra

Here we are explaining in detail how to do vayu mudra, read it carefully –

  • First of all, wear comfortable clothes.
  • Then sit comfortably in some pleasant place.
  • Your body should go into a state of complete rest. Your brain just has to do the work of meditating.
  • Then place the index fingers of both your hands on the lower area of ​​the thumb.
  • Now press the index finger with your thumb comfortably. This will create pressure on the air elements.
  • Practice this mudra daily for 45 minutes.

Vayu Mudra Precautions

In case of any type of body pain, doing air posture stops the pain of the body immediately.

but do not do it unnecessarily for a long time, otherwise, the loss may occur in place of gain.

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After doing the Vayu Mudra, there is more benefit from doing anulom-antonyms and other Pranayam for some time and do this posture as much as possible while sitting in Vajrasana, for some reason, in the event of not being able to sit in Vajrasana, you can also sit in other posture or chair. –

Vayu Mudra Video

People also ask

Q : How does Vayu Mudra work?

It controls the Vata dosha and assists with Arthritis, gas issues, Sciatica, Gout, knee torment, or protruding stomach; loosens up the muscles, cheated endocrine organs, calms stressed voice and with numerous different issues.

Q : Is Vayu mudra Good for Bloating?

Vayu mudra is well known as a mudra for gas and swelling. Be that as it may, it is exceptionally useful for all the issues identified with disturbance of air (Vata). Underneath enroll is a rundown of medical problems where the practice of this mudra is recommended.

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