Zen Meditation : If You Want to Get Rid of Tension Then Try This Meditation

Today we will talk about such meditation, which will be able to find happiness solution in your life, when you meditate, other methods do not work, then Zen meditation is done with ease. While doing Zen meditation, we should keep in touch with our master and keep taking guidance from him. By doing this there is no question of Wrong meditating or wandering.

Nowadays it has become very difficult to control oneself. In this stressful environment, people immediately lose their senses. Or because of some or the other drug addiction, they cannot control their thoughts.

Zen Meditation is such a means that through which you can feel yourself relax. Yes, with meditation we can do a lot like self control,(1) positive energy and many more. So now we will know, what is Zen Meditation?

What is Zen Meditation?

Zen is also known as zazen. It is a Chinese Buddhist meditation practice. Bodhidharma introduced Zen. Zen meditation is a technique asana. One of the most important factors of Zen meditation. It also controls the unconscious mind. Gives a sense of satisfaction to our body and mind.

What Exactly is Zen?

Its literal meaning is considered to be meditation. It was started by Mahatma Mahakashyapa. Zen was developed in China around 500 AD. It is also called Buddha meditation.

It is said that it is a habit of a human to take revenge on his thoughts, but it would have been very difficult for a human to control his thinking, but Zen meditation is such a meditation that you will feel completely relaxed.

Your body and mind will feel an energy. Actually Zen meditation is observed by connecting it with Lord Buddha. Zen meditation was created by Buddhism. A great Indian Buddhist monk of Buddhism was a yogi. He went to China in 520/526 AD and created Zen, a sect of meditation.

These were the 3 children of Raja Sugandha of Kanchipuram, South India. He made his journey to China by sea route. Bodhidharma was the 28th and last guru of this tradition in India. And this is the origin of Zen Meditation.

Zen Meditation Benefits

Meditation is such a medium that our body and mind have to be completely occupied, even the negative energy of our mind is thrown out like a computer virus. In the same way, this zen meditation works, there are many benefits of doing it continuously like –

  • Zen is a simple technique that can be done easily.
  • Doing this meditation helps you mentally as well as physically.
  • People who live with constant damage. This brings salvation.
  • Those who are doing this meditation continuously, their self confidence has increased. Those people have the power to take better decisions.
  • With this meditation, the addicts also get away from destruction. You will get rid of intoxication.
  • This meditation gives peace to the body and mind by removing human stress.
  • There is a great need for meditation to keep our body and health good.
  • Supports spiritual union of mind and soul.

Zen Meditation Techniques


Asana is one of the most important factors of Zen meditation. But before that, make sure you are wearing loose clothes. In addition, the lighting of the room should be muted with a suitable brightness.

Now, sit in full or half-lotus position, whichever is comfortable for you. If you are new to meditation and cannot sit in this pose, you will also find it easier to sit with the spine bent normally. Just make sure to keep the spine and body muscles relaxed.

Make the cosmic mudra with your hands and maintain it. It helps in bringing stability in the mind and helps you to concentrate better during meditation.

Partially Closed Eyes

In regular meditation, the eyes are usually kept completely closed but in Zen meditation, your eyes are partially closed to prevent drowsiness and increase alertness. However, focus on one point and don’t be distracted by your eyes wide open.

Breathe Properly

Breathing techniques are an important step in Zen meditation. It requires you to breathe only through your nose while keeping the mouth completely closed. Focus on inhaling and exhaling. To increase awareness, count your breaths.

Calm Your Mind

While meditating, thoughts will start swirling in your mind. That means you have to let the thoughts out of your mind. Neither feel their presence nor neglect them. Simply neither in their presence nor neglect them. Just let them pass through you so that you can get rid of all the negative thoughts buried inside you.

How To do Zen meditation ?

First of all a quiet environment is needed because where there will be noise, they will not be able to do this asana.

  • The main purpose of Zen is to keep the attention focused and correct.
  • Trying that thoughts do not come in the conscience again and again. Try to keep your mind empty of thoughts.
  • While doing this meditation, you sit in Sukhasan or in Padmasana. Sit in that posture whichever suits you.
  • Do not use tight clothes while meditating. Wear loose clothes.
  • Now you take half the position. Make a simple mudra with your hands and keep it like this. By doing this there will be stagnation in your mind.
  • While doing this meditation, one has to breathe through the nose, not with the mouth. Keep the mouth completely closed
  • While breathing, attention should be paid to the breath.
  • Keep your mind completely calm.
  • While meditating, different thoughts come to you, but do not feel it and leave it.
  • Leave the thought whether it is positive or negative.
  • Keep your mind calm. By doing this you will be free from negative thoughts.


In a world filled with constant noise and distraction, Zen meditation emerges as a timeless practice that offers solace and wisdom. By embracing the principles of posture, breath awareness, and mindful observation, individuals can embark on a transformative journey towards inner peace and self-realization. As the ancient Zen proverb goes, “Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.” In the stillness of meditation, we may find the profound beauty of our own existence unfolding naturally.

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