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Everything You Need To Know About Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra)

Muladhara chakra: healthy body and mind pave the way for a life filled with the right achievements and successes in your life because according to our Vedas, a healthy body is the standard of success.

A healthy body helps in giving power and energy to make the right decisions.

A healthy body and a healthy brain do not depend only on food and a proper lifestyle.

It also balances the energy in our body in away. This energy is the result of seven chakras present in the body.

There are 7 chakras in our body of which the Muladhara chakra or root chakra is one of them.

They are known as energy transformers. Each of these chakras represents a significant energy force, which leaves a deep impact on various aspects of your life.

Energy transformers are considered an integral part of your body, and you need to know about the role of these chakras.

These chakras have a very deep connection with your life and health.

From purification problems to cardiovascular problems, these cycles can help you fight a variety of diseases.

However, you need to activate them positively. Once these 7 chakras start to flow, they help you to overcome important problems related to your life.

With the help of theshivyoga, you can activate these seven chakras. These active 7 chakras also help to overcome your problems with health, relationships, and education, etc.

What is Muladhara or Root Chakra?

Muladhara is made up of two words, root + base. Where root means root and base means foundation.

  • The Muladhara chakra or root cycle is the first of the seven primary chakras of the human body.
  • It is located at the base end of the spinal column.
  • It is additionally accepted that Muladhara is an unobtrusive homestead of the Hindu god Ganapati. Ganapati, the most respected supplication for Ganapati Atharvashirsha, makes reference to that “one who loves Lord Ganapati can without much of a stretch comprehend the idea and feel Brahm”.
  • Personality development, vitality, strength, and development are the characteristics provided by this cycle in humans.
  • A passive and improperly functioning Muladhara chakra is associated with prostate problems, obesity, arthritis, varicose veins, lower back problems, hip problems, sore throat, loss of appetite, poor bone structure and weakened anatomy. Can cause.

The root chakra or Muladhara chakra carries life energy to all other major and minor chakras. When a person’s health is balanced, he experiences self-confidence. He begins to feel physically active by himself so that he can pave the way for life and lead a healthy life.

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Muladhara Chakra symbol

Muladhara Chakra

Understanding its symbol can help you balance your root energy in the body. So, let’s break down its symbol into the following key components to understand it.

  • Triangle pointing downwards – It points towards the Earth and represents the union of the soul in us with matter (Earth). It also reminds us of Kundalini energy being ground and home.
  • A square inscribed in a circle – as the original circle connects us to the earth and the earth supports us. The square shown in its symbol represents a strong foundation of support.
  • Lotus flower 4 petals – Physically, 4 lotus petals indicate merging of 4 nerves (nadis) at this point. These 4 nadis are represented in the symbol with the 4 Sanskrit syllables वं vaṃ, शं śaṃ,षं ṣaṃ, and सं saṃ. 
  • Lesson Lun at the center – This is the seed mantra of the root wheel. Its sound has the power to excite the earth element present in the body.

In some traditional symbols of the Muladhara wheel, an elephant is also shown within the square.

An elephant represents weight-bearing earth and therefore symbolizes the inner strength associated with this chakra.

Muladhara Chakra Mantra: –

The mantra of this cycle is – L(लं) To awaken the Muladhara Chakra, you have to meditate while chanting the L(लं) mantra.

Location of Muladhara Chakra: –

This chakra is located near the last bone of the spinal cord or the head of the anus.

How to Awaken the Muladhara Chakra?

It is the first among human cycles. Muladhara Chakra has 4 petals, that is, 4 nadis located on it together form their shape.

Due to its being located at the bottom, it is called the base cycle.

Man is an animal as long as he is living in this cycle, so by keeping abstinence on enjoyment, sleep, and sexual intercourse, this cycle begins to awaken by concentrating continuously on this cycle.

The second rule to awaken it is to be in witnessing mode by following Yama and Niyam.

Awakening rules of Muladhara Chakra: –

To awaken the Muladhara Chakra, you have to follow certain rules only by following them you can be able to awaken the Muladhara Chakra.

Those are the rules like to stay away from some misdeeds like sexual intercourse, enjoyment and intoxication.

Until a person reaches celibacy in his first body, then it is difficult to work on the possibility of other centers (chakras).

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Effects of Muladhara Chakra Jagran: –

When the Muladhara Chakra is awakened inside a human being, his nature changes.

A sense of valor, fearlessness, and joy is awakened within the person. And in other words, we can say that to achieve achievements, it is necessary to have valor, fearlessness, and awareness.

Awakening of this cycle also creates a feeling of joy in the mind. Keep in mind that the Muladhara Chakra has to be awakened first.

When a person wants to awaken his Kundalini Shakti, then he also has to start with Muladhara Chakra.

Three major Benefits of Muladhara Chakra

1. Muladhara is associated with rejuvenation as a path to rejuvenation.

A whole theory of yoga developed from Muladhara, which is related to the different use of this body to reach the ultimate potential of man.

An aspect came out of Muladhara, which we know as rejuvenation. Kaya means body, and Kalpa means to establish it, to bring stability to it.

One meaning of this is to maintain the body for a long time. Aeon is also a unit of time, which is quite long – you can understand it as a century.

There have been many people who lived several hundred years, as they practiced rejuvenation. In this process, you subdue soil, the basic elements of your body.

There is also a dimension soil in Bhuddhuddhi, through which the ability to bring this element, rather life-juice, into your system is created.

You convert mercury into a solid form. In this, the liquid is established as a solid.

Since mercury has been considered the juice of the earth, if you are able to convert a liquid that does not remain in the natural state to a solid, then this is rejuvenation.

2. Make yourself like a rock

Many aspects of the human body begin to deteriorate over time, but you stabilize them in such a way that these changes do not stop completely, but slow down to such an extent that it seems that your age does not change at all. doing.

Then you become a body that lasts for ages. There have been many such people here, but for this, a lot of work is required to make the body like a stone.

Suppose you look at a stone carefully and try to understand how it is made, what is the thing that keeps it going for so long, and then you make your body like that Let’s try. In other words, you become like a rock yourself.

3. Different properties of nectar originating from the pineal gland.

This capability comes in many different ways. Rejuvenation has a special dimension.

In yoga practice, it is tried to bring it downwards, which is called moving towards the south.

One of its symbols is Shiva’s move towards the south, as his third eye moved towards the south.

The one which was upward in the forehead came down between the two eyes.

As soon as it came down, they saw things that no one had ever seen. If this happens in a particular way, there is a discharge from the pineal gland, which is called nectar in yoga.

You can either increase the life of your body by taking this nectar in your system and strengthen it, or you can create ecstasy in the system with this nectar.

Like a narcotic, it can also inflame a tremendous explosion in you. If you want, you can also use this nectar to increase your perception.

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Muladhara Chakra Yoga Poses

Physical exercise is another simple method that you can choose to balance your root energy.

In yoga, asana balances ease and effort and thus is a better alternative to physical exercise.

The following yoga poses focus on the energy associated with the basic chakra.

(i) Pawanmuktasana(Wind-Relieving pose):

It is a healing pose that helps to release excess gas in the stomach due to an unbalanced root cycle.

Regular practice of Pawanmuktasan helps you to keep your digestive system under control, keep the large intestine in a healthy state, and ultimately maintain the apan vayu in the body.

Effective regulation of apana vayu is a good sign of root chakra balance.

(ii) Padmasana (Lotus position):

This posture sitting with meditation helps you to ground yourself.

As soon as the ground is preferred for Muladhara, Padmasana allows the soul to flow through the pelvic region.

(iii) Upavesasana(Squatting pose):

Malasana brings your root chakra closest to the earth.

For beginners, holding this pose can be challenging but when done correctly, it stimulates the area of ​​the Muladhara Chakra.

(iv) Sukhasana (easy posture):

The simplest posture that gives you the ability to feel the earth beneath you.

In Sukhasana, o nce your roots are connected with the earth, the process of root chakra alignment begins.

By regular practice of this asana, your spine is stretched, you will feel stress free and away from anxiety.

(v) Tadasana (mountain pose):

The roots of a tree lie beneath the earth which is the complete principle of Tadasana which brings the Muladhara Chakra into balance.

You can practice this asana on green grass to feel more connected to the ground. This posture balances the root energy by strengthening the lower legs, thighs, increases mobility of the hips and relieves back pain.

The conclusion

By activating Muladhara Chakra, one of the seven chakras, you can attract good health and your happiness and live a healthy and happy life.

It is not difficult to say when or how your Muladhara Chakra goes out of alignment.

Each state represents its various symptoms and causes. All you can do is focus inward to stay grounded and vibrant.

This state can only be attained through meditation, correct posture, wearing suitable stones, and worldly red foods.

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