20 Best Youtube Yoga Channels to Keep Your Body Fit.

As yogis like to say, yoga is as much about the body as it is about the mind. Both are noticeable in these times of social isolation and uncertainty. This is why a great time now is a yoga practice – literally. Maybe you start the day with yoga, increase your energy, and encourage clear intention. Or perhaps you want to use yoga to reduce that packed pain from sitting at home all day. Different yoga instructors and YouTube channels offer different styles and perspectives. And what is the best works best for you? There is no universal answer for the single best YouTube yoga channels, but you will find one that suits your trial with a little trial and error.

Here are the Best Youtube Yoga Channels for Beginners.

1. Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful Yoga class library you may discover everything from beginner Yoga to Intermediate, Yin Yoga, Yoga workouts, HathaAstanga stimulated, Morning Yoga, and a lot more.

For those searching for an assortment of moves from various kinds of yoga, for example, Bikram, power, and ashtanga yoga, Boho Beautiful is an ideal channel to bookmark.

Subscribers: 1.8M

Video views: 6.523M 

Country: CA

2. PsycheTruth

Psychetruth assists individuals with assuming responsibility for their wellbeing and bliss by posting instructive recordings on everything from sustenance and back rub to brain science and yoga.

They give specialists, yoga instructors, wellbeing mentors (and truly anybody with a positive message) a discussion to impart data to the world.

Subscribers: 3.86M

Video views: 4.842M  

Country: US

3. Yoga with Kassandra 

Yoga with Kassandra is an asset for free online Yin Yoga. Here you’ll discover week by week Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow classes for all experience levels.

Through Yoga with Kasandra one of the best YouTube yoga channels, you can acquaint Yin Yoga with a huge number of individuals around the globe.

Yoga with Kassandra’s fundamental point is to make available, simple to follow yoga classes that you can do in the solace of your own home.

Subscribers: 1.19M 

Video views: 5.791M  

Country: CA

4. SarahBethYoga 

SarahBethYoga, here you’ll get free week by week yoga recordings to enable you to extend, reinforce, tone, and de-stress with 5 brief yoga recordings made for all levels including apprentice yoga, pre-birth yoga, exercise yoga, and the sky is the limit from there!

Your everyday practice is your most grounded practice and the quickest method to get brings about your quality, adaptability, mind, and body.

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Subscribers: 1.13M 

Video views: 3.485M

Country: CA

5. Yoga With Adriene

Yoga with Adrienne gives you excellent free yoga to find your training that sets your mind or starts a journey towards reproducing.

If you are new to yoga, see Adrienne Yoga’s arrangement with yoga. Their purpose is to express gratitude for doing a happy, powerful, yoga practice at home.

If you are ready to burn some serious calories, try Yoga for Weight Loss or Total Body Yoga Playlist. Set aside a few minutes for you. Go ahead, have a good time.

Subscribers: 8.63M

Video views: 22.218M

Country: US

6. Xuan Lan Yoga

Xuan Lan is a certified Vinyasa Yoga Yoga teacher. Although the most common practice has been ashtanga yoga,

Xuan Lan Yoga practices various styles of dynamic yoga derived from Vinyasa.

Xuan Lan Yoga currently teaches at OT Academy. Yoga changed her life, I hope it changes you too 🙂

In Xuan Lan yoga classes, you will find both yoga places for beginners and more advanced levels, in different ways.

And it is that apart from enjoying all the benefits of yoga, relaxation, and meditation practice will allow you to achieve complete inner balance.

Subscribers: 1.28M

Video views: 3.073M

Country: EU

7. Yoga Practice Videos – Yoga Vidya

Yoga Practice Videos – Yoga Vidya channel is a medium through which we, at Yoga Vidya, share spreading the information on Yoga to the majority.

Our expansive scope of substance considers yoga experts from all stages, be it learners, Intermediate or Advanced levels.

This channel follows Hatha Yoga with single asanas, short asana groupings, and full yoga classes and is made in a style that takes into account direct cooperation and permits you to rehearse yoga from the solace of your home.

The recordings additionally range on subjects of pranayama, contemplation, kriyas, bandhas, Ayurveda, and numerous other unique themes.

Subscribers: 263K

Video views: 155.444K 

Country: EU

8. Yoga by Candace

Candace is the smash hit creator of Namaslay®, accessible at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon.

She is a worldwide yoga educator and the author behind the well-known yoga way of life blog http://www.yogabycandace.com. These recordings range from 15 minutes to an hour and cover a wide assortment of topics.

Subscribers: 299K

Video views: 273.018K

Country: US

9. Fightmaster Yoga 

Fightmaster Yoga is a spot to develop your training and change your reality. Possibly you have done a smidgen of yoga on Youtube or taken a couple of classes.

Fightmaster Yoga training can bring cherishing, positive energy that will spread all through your reality.

Furthermore, as you develop your yoga practice you will have the occasion to meet many similarly invested spirits such as yourself who are additionally setting out their tangle and accomplishing the work.

Subscribers: 618K

Video views: 815.673K

Country: US

10. Jessica Richburg

In the Jessica Richburg channel, you will discover an assortment of yoga classes with various styles, lengths, and levels. New recordings are transferred each week.

She is a guaranteed yoga teacher. furthermore, she underpins you on your yoga excursion and gives you the devices to live a more adjusted and careful life both on and off the tangle.

Subscribers: 60.4K

Video views: 628.928K

Country: US

11. Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is the author of Strala Yoga, generally known for its unassuming, comprehensive, and direct way to deal with yoga and contemplation.

Strala Yoga joins the development insight of jujitsu with the types of yoga, judo, qigong, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as an approach to assist individuals with delivering pressure, recuperate, and move all the more effectively through a wide range of challenges.

Subscribers: 329K

Video views: 62.943K 

Country: US

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12. Alo Yoga

Alo gives you the best yoga, wellness, and reflection youtube video classes. In there you can Access a large number of recordings from master educators in yoga, contemplation, HIIT, barre, Pilates, and that’s just the beginning.

Subscribers: 396K

Video views: 901.414K

Country: US

13. Yoginimelbourne

Yoginimelbourne to share her affection and thoughts on yoga, care, prosperity, and parenthood.

You can get to the free development on the web library of yoga and way of life apparatuses and tips here on the site or go to Yoginimelbourne to join the Youtube people group.

Yoginimelbourne makes free unique substance for wide crowds, everything being equal, and capacities.

Subscribers: 132K

Video views: 597.989K 

Country: AU

14. Yoga Station

On these yoga station channel, you will get all the information related to yoga. If you also want to join yoga and take advantage of it,

All information is given in Hindi so that Indian people can easily understand and do yoga at home.

Subscribers: 281K

Video views: 1.209M 

Country: IN


In YOGATX, you will get yoga recordings from your #1 yoga teachers.

It is our objective to give you the closest to home, useful, simple to follow, instructional yoga recordings out there, so YOGATX yoga educators encourage their yoga streams in our recordings precisely the same way they would show a private yoga exercise.

Subscribers: 321K

Video views: 472.318K

Country: US

16. KinoYoga

Kino Yoga is the best YouTube yoga channel is where you will discover all the apparatuses for your yoga practice.

Full-length fledgling amicable practice meetings, instructional exercises on pretty much every stance that works like a yoga present reference book, yoga way of life and theory conversations, and Kino’s handstand and yoga demo recordings for motivation from everywhere the world.

Kino MacGregor is a yoga instructor and Practicing yoga for a very long time she is one of the restricted not many understudies to start the difficult Fifth Series of Ashtanga Yoga and get the Certification to educate from its originator Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India.

Subscribers: 731K

Video views: 848.153K

Country: US

17. Bad Yogi Yoga

At Bad Yogi, we’re rethinking the picture of yoga culture. It’s an ideal opportunity to eliminate the pretentiousness, misrepresentation, and unlimited “essentials” to find a way into this network.

Subscribers: 75.8K

Video views: 54.149K 

Country: US

18. Caren Baginski

Caren Baginski has been showing yoga and contemplation since 2009 and is the originator of Being Enough, a groundbreaking cycle for picking up independence from the negative internal pundit and epitomizing profound rest and self-acknowledgment.

Notwithstanding therapeutic yoga, she is prepared in yoga nidra contemplation, vinyasa yoga, and will finish her yoga treatment accreditation through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy.

A previous columnist with a B.S.J. degree from Ohio University, Caren’s composing has shown up in Yoga Journal and Mantra Wellness Magazine, among different distributions in the home, wellbeing, and health businesses.

Subscribers: 18.4K

Video views: 40.944K 

Country: US

19. Yoga with Tim

Yoga with Tim yoga recordings will assist you with understanding the developments and stances in yoga so you can rehearse securely while simultaneously giving you an incredible complete body exercise.

Subscribers: 167K

Video views: 513.201K

Country: US

20. Natasha Noel

Natasha Noel says that she began doing yoga for emotional well-being reasons. Noel says that Yoga has instructed her to cherish herself paying little mind to her weaknesses.

She likewise says that when she shows Yoga the attention is more on the quality of the brain. She says that on the off chance that you have a body you can do yoga.

Subscribers: 618K

Video views: 7.253M

Country: IN


the world of YouTube offers a treasure trove of yoga channels that cater to practitioners of all levels, from beginners to advanced yogis. These 20 channels stand out for their engaging instructors, diverse routines, and commitment to promoting physical and mental well-being. Whether you’re looking for powerful vinyasa flows, gentle yin practices, or specialized tutorials, these channels provide a wealth of resources to enhance your yoga journey. With a click of a button, you can embark on a virtual yoga adventure, finding inspiration, guidance, and a sense of community right from the comfort of your own home. The variety and accessibility of these channels make it easier than ever to incorporate yoga into your daily routine, fostering a holistic approach to health and self-care. So, roll out your mat, press play, and let these channels guide you toward a healthier, more balanced life through the transformative power of yoga. Namaste!


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