varun mudra benefits

How to do Varun Mudra and its Benefits

Varun Mudra protects against all kinds of diseases caused by water dehydration, along with its many other benefits. This Yog Mudra has been practiced for years and people have been benefiting from it. The amazing thing is that you can practice this mudra anytime and anywhere. Let’s know how to do Varun mudra and Varun mudra benefits.

What is Mudra?

Actually Mudra are practiced to awaken the Kundalini or energy source. Practicing certain postures leads to recovery and longevity. By doing it with extreme practice according to yoga, one can get Ashta Siddhi and nine funds. But simply practicing it also has many benefits.

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Yoga Mudra Benefits

Varun Mudra Benefits

Some of the Varun Mudra benefits are as follows –

  • Varun Mudra controls the elements of water in the body.
  • It stimulates fluid circulation in your body and keeps the body always moisturized.
  • Doing this helps to treat skin problems, such as dryness, skin diseases, and skin infections. Apart from this, it also eliminates the problem of nail pimples.
  • This pose brings a natural glow to your skin and brings elasticity to the face.
  • Varuna Mudra helps in relieving any type of muscle pain.

How to do Varun Mudra

  • Sit comfortably on the floor and bend your little finger and thumb slightly with each other’s tip.
  • Keep the rest of the fingers straight.
  • After this, keep the palm above the thigh by bending it a little like the ground.
  • Close your eyes and sit in this posture for some time.
  • While doing this mudra, take special note that does not press the tips of the finger with the nail, otherwise, you may have the problem of dehydration instead of balancing the water elements in the body.

What precautions should be taken in doing Varuna Mudra

  • Keep in mind that you do not have to put pressure near the nail of your little finger.
  • This can cause dehydration in the body instead of being balanced.
  • Do not do this mudra for some more time in winter.
  • You can do this mudra for 24 minutes in summer or other seasons.
  • Varun Mudra can be done for a maximum of 48 minutes.
  • People who are susceptible to cold and cold should not practice Varuna Mudra for long.

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