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Top 5 Powerful Yoga Mudra For Heart

It is the heartbeat that makes us feel alive. Also, the heart helps to ensure a healthy life by flowing blood throughout the body. Therefore, it can be said that to keep the body healthy, it is necessary for the heart to be healthy. If you also want to protect your heart from various diseases, then include some easy yoga mudra in your routine. Yes, we are talking not of yoga poses, but of yoga mudra. You can easily take advantage of this by learning yoga mudra. In this article, we will give you all the information like various yoga mudra and benefits of yoga mudra for heart.

How Does Yoga Mudra Help with Heart 

Yoga is a precious gift given by India to the world. Due to its health benefits, all countries have adopted it. Along with the asanas in yoga, there are various mudra, which you can get health benefits by learning (1).

This mudra helps to overcome the risk factors of heart disease such as cardiac trouble and metabolic syndrome. Today, hundreds of medical centers are teaching yoga to heal heart patients (2). Actually, by doing yoga regularly your blood pressure is controlled.

Remaining BP reduces the risk of heart disease. In addition, yoga helps to maintain the sensitivity of the baroreceptors. The baroreceptors are the receptor that detects changes in blood pressure (3).

The benefits of yoga mudra for the heart are many, you have come to know this. Now let’s talk about various yoga mudra for heart diseases, which are as follows.

Yoga Mudra For Heart 

1. Apan Vayu Mudra

Yoga Mudra

The apan vayu mudra is formed by consisting of apan mudra and vayu mudra. This mudra made of a combination of both benefits your heart.

Apan Vayu Mudra is also called Heart Pose and Dead Sanjeevani Mudra. Apan Vayu Mudra works like an injection to reduce heart attack.

You can rehearse it the same number of times as you need. Heart patients and BP patients are advised to do this 15 minutes twice a day for better results (4).

Method of Apan Vayu Mudra:

  • First of all, place a mat or mat on the ground.
  • You can sit in a state of Padmasana or Sukhasana. If unable to bend the knees, one can sit on the chair.
  • After sitting, make sure that your spine is straight.
  • Now keep your hands straight on your knees.
  • Keep in mind that the palms of the hands stay towards the sky.
  • Now, bend the index finger of your hands, ie index finger, to the root of the thumb.
  • Now bend the ring finger and the middle finger (index finger) and press the tip of the thumb.
  • During this time, the junior finger means the little finger is stretched and extends outwards.

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2. Pran Mudra

Yoga Mudra

Yoga mudra are very beneficial for a healthy heart. Pran mudra is also done to keep the heart healthy.

This pose is considered good for the overall health of the immune system.

This activates the defense mechanism of the body, with the help of which our body helps in fighting all diseases.

Therefore, this mudra is also done to ward off cardiovascular diseases.

Apart from this, the regular practice of this mudra has also been found beneficial in fighting thyroid and cancer.

Method of Pran Mudra:

  • By laying yoga mats on the ground, sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana.
  • Remember that your spine must be straight..
  • Now keep both your hands on your knees.
  • Your palms should be facing the sky.
  • Now touch the shortest finger of your hand (junior) and the ring finger with the tip of the thumb.
  • Spread the other two fingers.
  • Keep in mind that during this time there is not much pressure between the fingers.
  • You should remain in this mudra for 48 minutes.

3. Surya Mudra

Surya Mudra balances the body. It helps reduce cholesterol in the body. Apart from this, this mudra also helps in losing weight.

Being controlled by both of them reduces the risk of heart disease.

Actually, due to excess cholesterol, the blood flow in the heart decreases.

In addition, obesity is also involved in risk factors for heart disease.

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Method of Surya Mudra:

  • Put a yoga mat on the floor and sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana.
  • Now keep both your hands on your knees.
  • Keep the direction of the palms towards the sky.
  • To perform Surya Mudra, first bend your ring finger.
  • Now press the ring finger with the thumb.
  • Do this mudra daily for about 5 to 15 minutes.


Weak people are advised not to do this pose. Also, it should not be done in summer also, because this mudra produces a lot of heat in the body.

4. Linga Mudra

Linga Mudra

By doing ling mudra you can control your increasing weight. As we have already told you above, the increased weight increases the risk of heart disease.

In such a situation, increasing weight can be prevented by practicing this mudra regularly.

Also, the risks of heart disease can also be reduced. Apart from this, doing ling mudra can also relieve the problem of mucus.

With this, you can also keep your lung health right.

Method of Linga Mudra:

  • Like other postures, for this also you sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana.
  • Now hold the fingers of your two hands together.
  • After this, raise the thumb of the left hand upwards.
  • Do this mudra for about 5 to 15 minutes.


You can practice this mudra at any time, but it is advised not to overdo it. Doing this causes more sweat. Therefore, while performing this mudra, you should keep consuming equal amounts of water, juice and fruits.

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5. Ganesh Mudra

Ganesh mudra

Ganesh Mudra has also been considered beneficial for heart health. Performing this pose can reduce cholesterol levels. Also, Ganesh Mudra is considered beneficial in strengthening the heart of people with weak heart.

Method of Ganesh Mudra:

  • To do this mudra, you first sit on the ground by laying mats.
  • Now bring both hands parallel to the chest.
  • Keep one of your palms facing up and the other down.
  • Now bend the fingers of both the palms to make a tight grip, as shown in the photo above.
  • After this, draw both hands while breathing.
  • Now while exhaling, release the hands loosely.
  • After this, change the position of the hands, ie bring the hand which was above and the hand below it upwards.
  • Repeat this process after changing the location of the hands.
  • You can do this 5 to 6 times.

You must have known how important yoga mudra for heart diseases. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that yoga mudra can not only take care of heart health but overall health.

All that is needed is to take some time out of your busy routine to keep your health healthy.

Before starting yoga mudra, you should know that the results will not be visible to you slowly, but slowly, so you have to keep doing it with restraint.

If you have any questions related to yoga mudra, you can connect with us through the comment box below. You can also share your experiences related to yoga with us.

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