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Sheetkari Pranayama (Hissing Breath)- Benefits, Steps & Precautions

Sheetkari Pranayama, as its name suggests, is related to cold. This pranayama is especially useful for cooling the body, hence this pranayama has been named Sheetkari Pranayama.

Sheetkari and Sheetali are both different pranayamas, if you think it is pranayama, then you are wrong. Yes, they have one thing in common that they have been mentioned in Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

There are many benefits of Sheetkari Pranayama. Along with cooling the body and mind, it also provides relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. Seeing its so many benefits, you must be thinking that doing Sheetkari Pranayama is difficult, but it is not so. Sheetkari Pranayama is very easy and simple to do as compared to Sheetali Pranayama if you know the right way to do it.

To know the right way, we have written the article of sheetkari pranayama steps and benefits for you below, along with this we have further mentioned the benefits of sheetkari pranayama, how to do sheetkari pranayama, video of sheetkari pranayama, and some precautions related to it

What Is Sheetkari Pranayama?

The word Sheetkari is a Sanskrit word. This word is made up of 3 words Sheet + Kari + Pranayama.

The word ‘Sheet’ means ‘coolness’, the word ‘Kari’means to ‘generate’ and the word Pranayama means the process of inhaling and exhaling.

That is, it is a process in which the sound of ‘Si’ comes out from the mouth while doing pranayama, hence this pranayama is called sheetkari pranayama. This pranayama is also called Hissing Breath in the English language.

It is a very simple and easy pranayama. sheetkari pranayama is mostly done in the summer season because it also works to cool down your mind and body, hence it is also called cooling pranayama.

Sheetkari Pranayama Steps

The way to do this pranayama is very easy and simple. You can learn to do this pranayama very easily by just following our given steps.

As you all know that Sheetali Pranayama is a bit difficult to play Sheetkari Pranayama(1), so we have come up with Sheetkari Pranayama in very simple words, if you do this Pranayama keeping in mind the things we have mentioned, then You will soon learn to do this pranayama.

So let us now know how to do Sheetkari Pranayama

  • First of all, sit in a comfortable and calm posture.
  • If you want, you can sit in the posture of Padmasana or Vajrasana.
  • After this, mix your top and bottom teeth, keep the lips apart, make such a position that when a person is standing in front of you, he can see your teeth.
  • Now you can keep your tongue by touching it up or instead you can keep your tongue straight.
  • Now take slow and long deep breaths through your teeth.
  • Keep the breath in, close the mouth, keep the tongue in the same position as it was.
  • Now exhale slowly through the nose, one such round is complete.
  • You can do such rounds 9 to 10 times daily.

Sheetkari Pranayama Benefits

This pranayama has not only physical but also mental benefits. It cures many diseases, cools the body, prevents throat ulcers, and many more which we have explained in detail below.

So let us now try to know in detail the benefits of sheetkari pranayama.

1. Improves Blood Circulation

Regular and continuous practice of this asana improves blood circulation. It improves blood flow in the body and at the same time removes diseases related to the heart.

This asana eases the prana effect in the whole body.

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2. Reduces Anxiety

sheetkari pranayama keeps both the heart and the mind calm by reducing anxiety. This asana establishes coordination both mentally and physically.

This asana also gives relief from problems like anxiety. The special thing about this asana is that it gives relaxation to the whole body.

3. Boosts Energy

This asana increases the amount of energy in the body. A tired body squeezes the person not only mentally but also physically, due to which there are problems like fatigue, lack of interest, loss of desire, etc.

By giving relief from all the problems, this asana increases the amount of energy in the body so that you can do any work well and mindfully.

4. Increases Appetite

Often you must have seen that people have a habit of eating less or not eating more than them, this is because a disease called anorexia occurs in their body.

In this disease, there is no feeling in eating food or food is not eaten much. This asana removes this disease and increases the need of appetite in the body. If you are a slim person, then this asana will also help you in gaining weight.

5. Clean Internal Organs

This asana cleanses the internal organs of the body. We can’t tell more than the face or the eyes what the problem is. As such, it can be known only by experience or symptoms. If you do this asana, it cleanses the internal organs and makes the body healthy.

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Precautions For Sheetkari Pranayama

  • This pranayama is not beneficial for patients related to breath.
  • If you have sensitive teeth or toothache, then do not practice it.
  • If you have any heart-related disease, then definitely consult a doctor once.
  • This pranayama should be avoided in winter.
  • If you have a problem like chronic constipation then this pranayama should be avoided.
  • Patients with low BP should not do this pranayama.

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